Be jealous! I would be.

Ok. Long mini holiday is almost here – I can see the end of the workweek, and it is so close!  Only one more night, and I am free for 5 glorious days! Hedonistic weekend, here I come!

Fun fact – Tuesday after I woke up (3pmish or so) Hubby springs that he has purchased a turkey for Thanksgiving. He bought it last week, hoping to make it some time over the weekend. (correction – hoping **I** would make it. We both know that I am the better cook in the family, even if he blusters) Sigh. Stupid turkey should have come out of the freezer on SUNDAY.

So – after stating this, he pulled it out, and put it in a cold bath (sink full of cold water) for the trip to take me to work. (Sometime we shall discuss the “I have candy” van that is our transportation. This thing is kinda creepy looking. NOT my choice here folks. He swears he needed it for his construction work. Or something. He drives it. I can’t reach the pedals in the danged captains chair, and wouldn’t want to if I could.)

Anyway.  Cold bath while commuting, then back in the fridge.  This will be repeated this afternoon as well.  Hopefully, when I get home on Thursday morning after work, it will be almost defrosted enough to work with.

I did let him know that there was one thing I had to have. No questions. Baking bags. He had never heard of them.

Ok.  Had to add an edit here.  Hubby claims that he HAS heard of them, and I should not make him out to sound like an idiot. Didn’t think I was, and if I was, that was completely and totally NOT the intention. He isn’t.  He knows the damnedest things, and can spout them off at the drop of a hat.  SO – we shall go on the premise that he did indeed know what I was talking about.

ANYWAY!  I let him know that a turkey would not be cooked by ME without one this year. Theory goes, I can do my magic with the bird, put it in the bag, and then the oven, and go to sleep. Wake up to a nice, juicy, roast turkey! (well, after I take it out of the bag, and let it brown a bit if needed.  I just can’t imagine bag baked turkey having a golden skin.) I have never roasted a turkey in a bag, so this will be an experiment! Hey – science is good, right? And if it fails… Chinese food places are open on Thanksgiving, aren’t they?

So – Thursday is pretty well taken care of. My very lovely friend Sarah wants to do Black Friday (**SHUDDER** for anyone else, this would be a resounding HELL NO!, but anything with missus Sarah, even shopping, is a blast) at Joanns Fabrics. Apparently, the first 100 women there are given scissors. On Black Friday. Does anyone else see the failure in logic here?

My friend Don has a theory for this. He thinks it is an incentive for the checkers to show up. The entertainment value of sleep deprived, bargain hunting women possibly shanking each other with craft scissors over a bolt of plaid cloth would be… amusing. (according to Don, and I do have to say, I see some value in it) Have I said that Don has a very dark and twisted sense of humor? (One of the reasons I love him so!)

Sadly (or maybe not so much… Me, crowds, pushing, pushy people = not so much fun, except maybe with Sarah. Love you Sarah!) this plan may not play out. Sarah’s car is in the shop, and if it isn’t fixed by then, no can do (No.  The candy van is NOT an option). If no can do with Sarah, then Friday’s plan is home, hiding from craft scissor shanking women, and drinking wine! May throw in a bit of the SW:ToR beta here. It is a beta weekend, and I have an invite. Need to see if it is good enough to wanna add to my stable of games when it launches!

Saturday, hubby is earning wife points by taking me to a local yarn shop for the GOOD stuff (silk, cashmere, that kinda thing. YUMMY!) and maybe some rosewood or other nice and fancy schmancy (not aluminum) knitting needles, then to Hobby Lobby for the lovely, soft Alpaca blend yarn they have to make scarves and hats for my nephew TJ, and his sisters Jasmine, and Trinity. (huh. Just noticed that. TJ, J, and T. Cute! Definitely NOT planned by the parents, as both TJ and Trinity are adopted, but cute!) Lastly, a trip to an electronics store to (FINALLY) get an HDMI cable for my monitor, and Skyrim. We may or may not round out the day with supper out. Depends on where my people dealin’ meter is sitting.

Sunday and Monday. By this time, my people dealin’ meter will have DEFINITELY redlined.  Beta test for SW:ToR and of course, play the heck out of Skyrim! (Might have to sneak in some time on my girlies in my favorite MMO as well). Plus, lots of food, kitties, imbibing, (the call of the chardonnay is strong) and naps.

Couldn’t be better – unless it were all taking place on the coast of Maine, with a rocky, stormy beach right outside!

Aren’t y’all jealous of me now? I sure as heck would be!

Hope everyone has a safe, fun, and happy holiday weekend. ♥


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vicky
    Nov 23, 2011 @ 08:45:32

    Yes, yes I am.


  2. Dicey!
    Nov 23, 2011 @ 10:24:23

    I am totally jealous. You have internet!! lol

    Your writings rival Erma Bombeck. Keep it up!


    • Geeking out
      Nov 25, 2011 @ 00:41:39

      Dicey, I know that I don’t say it enough, but I ❤ you so hard!

      Went into the super cool (evil imp that he is) boss, and told him that I had scored a comparison to ol' Erma (love love LOVE her – septic tanks, cherry pits and all!) And because he is young enough to be my son, he didn't know who she was. /.sigh

      Oh well. At least WE know all about the misery of support hose. ❤


  3. Vineyard
    Nov 24, 2011 @ 22:38:29

    How did the turkey work out? Samples? 😉


    • Geeking out
      Nov 24, 2011 @ 23:12:57

      LOL! It was pretty good, and turns out – turkeys in bags DO brown! O.O Who’da thunk it?

      If Pete leaves enough by the end of my super long weekend, I might could bring in some. Dun know that he will though. The man is the original walking stomach.


  4. Elunamakata
    Nov 24, 2011 @ 23:28:23

    Yarn porn! Yay!


  5. Anonymous
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 09:21:40

    bking aka humngbrd

    Loved story of thanksgiving dinner. Thank goodness I missed black friday I had to work. I was going to stop at new Panera bread shop at 5:00am and get free coffee and gift certifcate but line was all the way down the street. Do these people have a life? I just needed coffee.

    Keep wirting it’s great to know someone out there with lots of love in her heart and with the passion to live life with full gusto.


    • Geeking out
      Nov 30, 2011 @ 06:31:51

      I know it is a bit late, but thank you! I appreciate the supportive words, and I do intend to keep writing!

      As for the Panera line… No, I don’t think some of them do. /sigh.

      BTW – coffee – the elixir of the gods, without which functioning would not happen!


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