Can’t Always Get What You Want.

So – I am roughly ½ way through my long, glorious mini vacation, with most of my plans NOT panning out.

The hubster made Thanksgiving supper (can’t really call it a dinner – we ate at 9.30pm because of my schedule). He decided that I shouldn’t have to worry about it, and surprised me with the preps done when I got up. (Yes. I failed to bag and start to bake my turkey before I went to sleep. I know this. I accepted this. I moved on.) As an FYI – turkey DOES INDEED brown in the bag. Who’da thunk it?

Supper was pretty darned good. (not cooking it yourself always spices it up a bit, but hubster did a good job as well). We did miss a few things. Forgot to get rolls, or yeast to make rolls, so… no rolls. Salad makings had turned into a not so lovely rusty/slime in the vegetable drawer, (think I need to adjust that temp) so no salad.

Still, we had turkey, mashed taters, (gonna have to talk to the hubby AGAIN about metal in my no stick pans though – during dishes, found out that he had beaten the taters IN my Pampered Chef non stick dutch oven. With a mixer. That has metal beaters. RAWR!) the ever popular green bean casserole, and stuffing. And – most of a cheesecake. Turns out that the call of the cheesecake was strong, and husband just **had** to make sure that Sara Lee was up to par. A night early. So – three quarters of a cheesecake.

Friday craft lady scissor shanking watch didn’t happen. My friends Sarah’s car was indeed still in the shop. Bonus (not) was that the SW:ToR beta, while up and going, wasn’t up for ME. My access wasn’t opened until 10am Saturday. At which time I was still dead asleep. /sigh.

So, switchin’ around the schedule a bit and… knitting! Learnin’ me some Entrelac!

Look at me with the french sounding words, and fancy schmancy knittin’ techniques! This, with wine, reading, and a lil bit of time with my WoW girlies made for a rather nice day. (er… night. My “day” starts about 3pm)

Saturday, the plan was that hubster would go to work in the morning, and then come back here to pick me up for the yarn porn, electronics store, and possible supper out. That… didn’t happen so much. When I went to bed this morning (as he was getting up, because that is how it works on opposite schedules) it was raining. Hard. As the hubsters job right now is outside, building decks, the workday was a no go.

Weather, why you so mean? I love the rain. We need the rain. Desperately. I just wish you would have waited until AFTER the decks were done. Decks done means money. Money means bills are paid, and we don’t have to live under an overpass.

SO, (for those of you who know me – super surprising, huh?  not.) I woke up with a bit (BIG!!) anxiety attack in the works.

Should everything have worked out the way it was supposed to, the decks would have been done, and all the money in the bank. As it was, not so much. While the birthday spending money was set aside already, I am a worrier. I always have been. What if the weather continues, the decks get put off, the owner of the property gets mad, and payment goes bye bye? (note that this really wouldn’t happen – but my mind loves to deal in hyperbole when it is spazzing, and when it does, logic can’t get a toe in the door) Bills still need to be paid! Kitties need to be fed! High speed internet must be uninterrupted!

Add this to the fact that I had been a slacker, and had run out of my hypertension meds while docs office was on a four day weekend, this afternoon was NOT off to a good start.

Hubster was a champ. He arranged everything – emergency supply of meds so I wouldn’t have a heart attack and die (in reality, my hypertension is not that bad, and I probably would not have a heart attack because I didn’t take the pills for a couple of days, but better to not push it, yes?) and a trip to not one, but THREE stores. It appears that most of Austin is sold out of Skyrim. He stopped at Walmart (brave man on this of all weekends!) before heading to the Gamestop near us. They didn’t have it, but they phoned other stores in the area for him, and found one that had one copy left. So he went cross town and got it for me, as well as a stop for my HDMI cable, and the hypertension pills.

Yarn porn didn’t happen. By the time he got home from the epic trip to find my game, HDMI cable, and get the emergency meds, it would have been too late to go to Hill Country Weavers. We are going to try to get there today, but that will depend a lot on how much happens on decks today, as well as my ability to get out of bed before my normal time of 3pm.

Just because it didn’t go according plan, however, doesn’t mean the evening was a failure.

It seemed as if it would be in the beginning. Steam was not working correctly (Skyrim is dependent upon Steam to run), and I was getting black screens when logging into SW:ToR (video drivers needed updating). With the help of my oh so marvelous, tech savvy friends, I got BOTH running, and have been happily bouncing between WoW, SW:ToR, and Skyrim all night. Copious amounts of wine, knitting, and reading between times.  Not too shabby after all.

As for REAL life:

The Rolling Stones said it very well:

You can’t always get what you want,
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You get what you need.

The anxiety has finally dimmed down a bit. While the wine may have had an influence, I like to think I had a part in it as well. After all, it was my worrier thoughts that had to be shushed, and I was able to (mostly) do so.  Guess I just needed a bit more time in the hermit cave this weekend.

Yarn porn will still happen, even if I don’t indulge as I wanted to. (MY compromise to prudence. I have to compromise with myself, to stay sane, and I **DID** get my game and cable.) Lovely and affordable alpaca blend will still be purchased for making the kids hats and scarves, with many hours of knitting obsessiv… er enjoyment to follow.

The decks will get done, money will come, and bills will get paid. We won’t have to take over the cardboard condo under the overpass. Kitties will stay fat and sassy.

There are still two more days of mini vacation before I have to poke my nose into the real world, and head back to work. The sun will come up in the morning. The world will spin along on its axis. Yarn porn will still be there, in all of its sensual glory.

All in all? Anxiety can go to… Hades. I am not going to let it ruin even one moment more of my mini vacation.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vineyard
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 00:36:32

    Lol, my 3 year old nephew was singing that song when he was not allowed to have more non-alcoholic sparking apple cider during our thanksgiving lunch.


  2. Vicky
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 08:40:27

    How do you like your new games?

    I’m so glad hubby found your meds. You make ME worry, silly geek.


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