Makin’ a List… Checkin’ it Twice!

I like to list.  I do it a lot. Groceries, budgets, to do, wish, you get the idea.

I use them for reward based housecleaning.  It goes like this.

Make a long assed list of things that need doing, in bad back friendly 15 minute chunks.

  • Do one of the items on the list, and cross it off with a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Pour a glass of wine (or a Bloody Mary, or open a beer – you get the idea), and reward yourself by drinking it while reading a chapter in a book, doing X amount of quests in a game, knitting or crocheting X amount of rows (often done while reading and drinking – I am a master multi tasker!).
  • Rinse and repeat.

It takes a LONG time to get it all done, but by the end, you are buzzed, your house is clean, you have either leveled a character significantly, read a book, or knitted a scarf!  Depending upon how long the list is, maybe all three!

Hey.  It works for me.

I make lists for larger timeframes as well.  Kinda a mix between wish lists, and resolutions.  I like to do this around the end of the year, but don’t get hung up on New Years day and resolutions, because I am a non conformist.  Fight The Man, yo!

This year, I made kind of a personal goals list.  One of the items, was to make our temporary house, a HOME.

(Side yet related tangent)  I don’t buy much for myself.  I tend to look at the bills, and then think – “these 7 year old shoes with the holes in the uppers and the soles coming off can last a bit longer…”  I do admit that part of this is an extreme loathing of any kind of shopping.  Even books and yarn, I most times go into it with a list, (hooray for lists!) or at least an idea, head exactly to where I need to be, fill the list/find the idea, and leave as quickly as possible.  My husband hates to go to the store with me, because I race through it (ending up cranky in the process) – powershopping FTW!

As you can see, I am NOT a normal shopper.

One of the reasons I hate it so –  there are PEOPLE in stores, many of them thoughtless twits who do things like check shelves with carts turned SIDEWAYS in the aisles, completely blocking them from use.  When you ask to get by, they act like you are the most inconsiderate person in the WORLD to want to go down the aisle!  I mean really!  Rude much?  I guess one should look down every aisle for these persons, find an aisle that DOESN’T have one, and then do the “three lefts make a right” move to get to the item you WANTED – which just happens to be RIGHT next to where the cart blocking, long suffering twit is.  I however, just want to get the hell out of Dodge, so I  ask them to “excuse me, please” so that I can get by them.  There are usually two reactions to this (apparently rude) request.  Either they look at you like you have potatoes growing out of your ears, and stay where they are, OR they heave a long, suffering sigh, and grudgingly move the cart just enough so that you can edge by, if you suck in the tummy, and shimmy sideways.

Wow.  I guess I had some unresolved resentment brewing there – rant much, do I?

And people wonder why I love my hermit cave, and never ever want to leave it, even if it is currently furnished in Craigs-List-should-have-been-put-out-for-large-item-collection distressed non  style.  (In the ghetto, no less.)


To achieve my goal of house to home, the current furnishing non choices HAVE to change.  Rooms are Us, Rooms to Go, or whatever they are called appear to have a marvelous  looking series of furniture that are all reasonably priced, and fairly well constructed.  I intend to force myself out at some point to put it through the litmus test (sit on it, feet tucked up under me and all,  lay across it, any conceivable way I would use it) to make sure it is comfortable, and then I just might get a chair, loveseat, and ottoman.  (We don’t really need a couch.  We don’t entertain much, and when we do, we end up at the dining room table.) This may be our Christmas present to ourselves.

We **were** going to move out of here after one year, and the plan was to wait until then. After ensconced in our beautiful, new, NON ghetto digs, we would finally get nicer furniture, to go with the nicer place.

We have been here nearly 3 years now, and that move date keeps pushing back.

I am tired of living room furniture that I can’t sit on because it will eat me alive, and I may never escape.  (Seriously.  The couch is broken.  If I sit on it, I have to LAY down, and roll off, onto hands and knees, or I can’t get out of it!  Needless to say, haven’t sat on the damned thing for 2 years).

I want my hermit cave, the place I go to after work, and spend most of the rest of my time OUT of work, to be a place that I can enter and gain peace, not just a place I am to get away from people. I want it to be restful, and beautiful.  A place that eases my soul, and makes me happy not only to be away from people, but to be HOME.

Most of all, I want furniture that won’t try to devour me.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vicky
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 08:48:34

    Wow and I thought my free furniture was bad. At least my love seat isn’t broken. It’s actually in incredibly good shape and is extremely comfy, but it’s horribly ugly and stained (no doubt why they got rid of it). I bought a couch cover for it and that was that.

    I went through the same thing when I was still with you-know-who, though. He liked sitting on the floor. And sleeping on the floor, too, for that matter. Anyway, when we moved into the nicer house, I demanded actual furniture. (it wasn’t just that we had bad furniture from before, we had NO furniture) One messy child + one puppy + one husband who lets them do anything they want = destroyed brand new furniture. Absolutely, utterly destroyed. /sigh


  2. Kittin
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 23:23:20

    We were always going to wait until we got the “real” home to upgrade our furniture (a mix of hand-me-downs from my folks, and stuff my ex didn’t want when we sold the house – crap in other words), but honestly, you need to be comfy.

    Look for closing down sales, we got a lovely 3 piece lounge set for $700 about a year ago. Storage type stuff (bookcases, DVD racks) can be picked up from discount stores – I know you don’t have Go-Lo or the Reject Shop there, but you’d have something similar.

    And yes, I know I’ve been slack at keeping up on the blog (sorry!). But I’m slowly catching up ♥


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