Of Parties and Shopping and Booze! Oh My!

Well. I found out tonight how much my holiday bonus was going to be, and it really wasn’t much of a surprise. It has been figured form roughly the same formula since the first year I worked for this company, down to the pro rate for a partial year that first year. Should be enough to get the NOT broken furniture, and depending on what kind of deals we find, may be enough for my digital camera as well!

I have decided that the tree that ate the living room will be put up again this year, and that I shall be looking into after Christmas sales for deeply discounted trees for next year. This will ease some of the anxiety of spending, and stroke my thrifty (read penny pinching) side as well!

This weekend looks to be a busy one, that will send my people dealin’ meter right into the top end of the red zone. First, I have a three day weekend! Yay! My company is giving us the night off on Friday (with pay) to attend the company Holiday party.

Let me tell you. The holiday parties that this company gives are the best I have been to for work. Most places, it has either been:

  1. Meet up at some bar after work, order your own food/drinks, and do gift exchange/get bonus check.
  2. Gift exchange/potluck on the lunch hour. Usually, this one involved a “bonus” of some denomination of Walmart gift card. (NOT that I complained! I can so completely rock the Walmart deals! When I can make myself go. Like in the middle of the night.)

I am not kidding here. They have always been nice, but not really anything really special.

This company? They rent out the ballroom and conference rooms of a large hotel. Formal dress attire is politely requested, and strongly encouraged. Catered, with “casino”, pay bar (after drink coupons have been used) awards ceremony, and then generally, a raffle. With things like big screen TVs, gaming computers, and the like. Rooms with various video games including things like Rock Band. (We ARE a game studio. Of **COURSE** there will be video games!) Discounted guest rooms in said nice hotel so that one does not have to drive home after the party with a little planning ahead.

All in all, a very nice way to step out of the “not business casual” dress and attitude we have most of the year. I am being dead serious here, people. the dress code at work is so simple as to be almost non existent. Clothes must be clean, and not something one would see on a bus stop corner for the cheapie 20$ quickie. Even the head honcho of the office comes to work in bowling shirts and jeans. Most everyone else? Shorts or jeans, and flip flops. T shirts most everywhere. Pretty much everything goes, with of course a caveat that it can’t be completely offensive, or criminal.

So – Friday night dress up with hundreds of other people, noise, confusion… sounds perfect for a person who wishes they never had to leave the Hermit Cave, right? I know I will have fun, so long as I can control how long, and how much. My husband will get the “casino” tokens. I love to watch others play games of chance, but as stated before in the Random hates me… thread, they aren’t really my “thang”. In return for the casino tokens, **I** get the drink coupons, and if we aren’t able to secure a room in the inn, I will be the sole inheritor of the pay for drinks as well! He can be the DD. It is MY party, and the candy van was HIS choice for transportation. Sounds fair, right?

Saturday, I plan on getting out of bed early so that we can look for the non carnivorous furniture (and hopefully camera!) If all goes well, it will come home with us in the back of the candy van. This will of course, have completely exhausted my ability to deal with people in any kind of rational, human way.

Oh. Em. Gee.

This is the **last** weekend before Christmas, and I have planned a shopping excursion. Shoot me now, ok? **shudders**. This is actually a nightmare of mine. However, if I don’t go and GET the furniture this weekend then, somehow, some way, the **coughtheonewhospendsisnotmecough** funds will run away like water, and I will be stuck with the butt eating couch for another year.

I shall just have to make sure that there is a copious amount of wine waiting at home. And maybe some scotch. This will give me a head start to dealing with the post trauma stress with which I will no doubt be plagued.


First things first. Threaten husbands life and various limbs with a 2×4 until he gets his construction stuff OUT of my living room. I have already warned him about bringing it in once we DO get nice furniture. It will become projectile weapons, aimed at the Candy Van. I may throw like a girl, but from a distance of <5 feet, I won’t miss.

Once that is done, I will hopefully be arranging lovely new furniture in home Saturday evening, (fueled by wine) and then hauling out the tree that ate Austin. Get that up, and decorated. Then, if camera did indeed become part of the holiday purchases, I promise pictures! Hooray! Depending on how traumatizing the shopping was, these may or not be blurry, with thumbs in the shot, or other half (totally) inebriated picture taking clichés .

Y’all that are sniggering to yourselves about now, shut up! After dealing with people for a good portion of a long weekend, I am allowed to ease the burden with wine. Or hard liquor. However the chips fall.

End result? Hoping for lovely and comfortable living room (sans mud bucket, clamp lamp, toolbox, and various bits and pieces) ready for **real** accessories, like framed paintings or pictures, at a later date.

And of course, the room conquering tree!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Simons
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 06:38:56

    Oh man *I* was disappointed in my bonus and am having it investigated because it is not what it is supposed to be. But I am so stoked that you get your furniture this weekend 🙂

    I am paying off my car, going to above mentioned partay, grabbing wine restocking the pantry with the essentials, and going yarn crazy…. Then settling down with my new laptop Nd playing wow and drinking wine and not being around people, because while me hermitness is not as developed as yours, crowds of people and loudness grates on my nerves too LOL.

    I’m soooo glad you are going though I was really hoping you would!

    With your new furniture are you going to get new coffee amd side tables as well? Or just the ass planters?



  2. Vicky
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 10:23:12

    SO with you on the whole wanting a real living room thing. Utterly and completely.

    SO wondering how you’ll get through the weekend with all the people-dealing you’ll have to do. I think I would probably freak out.

    And good idea on the tree. I wish I could do that this year, but I don’t have a tree at all, so I have to go shopping for one. Should have done it last year, but I wouldn’t have had space to store it.


  3. Dicey!
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 11:30:32

    Christmas Bonus? HAHAA!!!

    I used to have a real living room where people could come and sit. I’ve given up on the living room. The boys eat the furniture. Salvation Army sofa for 35 bucks, nice furniture throws and pillows, no one know but me and you guys 😛

    Totally envious of the nice party. I don’t partake at work of the potluck tables. I don’t break bread with people I don’t like and God only knows the dirt some of these no hand washing people have.


  4. Kittin
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 15:15:20

    So, I had to read Sarah’s comment a couple of times before I worked out what an “ass planter” was… Its early, and I haven’t had any caffeine! 😛

    Your Christmas party sounds wonderful! Few of the places I’ve worked at have put that much effort into a party, with the exception of the insurance company. I’m mildly jealous… but then, I’m already mildly jealous of your job anyway! ♥


  5. Vineyard
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 00:56:08

    I feel like a chump! I simply gave away my casino tickets and did not barter for drinks. Grrrrrr


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