Dragged Kicking and Screaming (with joy) into the 21st Century!

It has been one heck of a weekend!

Friday night, as mentioned before, was my company Holiday party, and it was a lot of fun!  There was food to be eaten, drinks to be drunk, friends to exclaim over, and people to watch! People watching at company functions like this is always fun.  It is interesting to see how very eclectic people are, and the various definitions of “Formal Dress”.  There was everything from the normal jeans (with a button up shirt as a nod to “formal”, to a sari, to a Tim Burtonesque tuxedo jacket, complete with brocade, and with the wind outside, flying tails.

Saturday was the up early/out the door day.  Impressed and awed the hubster with my mad shoppin’ skills.  He hasn’t seen me really in anything but the Walmart, and groceries.  I had researched, and in the very first store, almost as soon as we walked in, I found my living room.  Sat on the chair and loveseat, called over the sales guy, got the couch/loveseat combo deal on the loveseat, chair, and ottoman, paid, and we were loading the loveseat into the van within 1/2 hour or so.  Have to wait on the chair and ottoman – they weren’t in stock.  Soon my precioussssss.  Soon!

From there, to the madhouse that is Walmart on the weekend before Christmas.  And it was indeed a madhouse. Rude, loud, aisle blocking people.  Shoving, poking, people.  Mothers yelling at screaming babies.  And electronics?  Ugh.  I did however, find a nifty little Nikon digital camera, to do what I want it to do, for a better price than I was expecting! Of course, Electronics was at the furthest point possible in the store from the door nearest our ride, so a reverse trip through the crowds had to be made.

Did I mention that I really wish I never had to leave the cave?


Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Pete was wonderful.  All the standing at the party, and then the press of wandering miles of people strewn Walmart had left my already prone to spasmy back spasmed.  He wouldn’t let me help him remove the butt eating couch, nor would he let me sweep and mop the floor, or help bring IN the loveseat.  It is a good thing I married a moose.  He muscled all of that about himself.  RAWR!

He tried to play big man and tell me to wait until Sunday (he sleeps a semi normal schedule, and was going to bed soon) to put up and decorate the tree, but I wore him down.  I promised that I would fluff branches while sitting, only getting up to actually place said branch.  It took me seven hours, but I got it done! Up, lighted (he was in bed by then, so couldn’t say anything about me climbing onto a dining room chair to light the top of the tree) and decorated!

Sunday was all about NOT being in crowds.  I bounced happily back and forth, from the lovely comfort of the loveseat, to my desk, where I have been living almost exclusively these past 3 years.

As promised, pictures!  Looks like I am going to need to learn how to clean up, brighten, and unfuzz me some pictures!  They look fine on the camera, but not so much full sized here.  A challenge!  Still, a promise is a promise, and hey, at least they don’t have thumbs in them!

I wasn’t joking about the tree and the size of the living room.  You see pretty much ALL of the living room here.  There is only about 3 feet or so more off to the right of this shot, and I am standing on the stairs.


The tree that ate my livingroom!

Spook decided that he liked the new sittings, and proceeded to claim it for the night.

Spook so comfortable!

Course, he doesn’t know it yet, but while he might think he is the alpha kitty of the house, if I want to sit, I will.  I am the alpha MAMA!

Callie wasn’t showing much interest yet.  Probably doesn’t quite smell like “home” to her, combined with the fact that the monstrous one was hogging it.  She chose the more familiar blankets that are currently living on a trunk beside the loveseat.  (The ottoman that is coming has storage, and the blankets will go in that.)

The Diva


With the Kindle that my dad sent for my birthday, the digital camera that I got for Christmas, and the upgrade to a smartphone that came with signing my new cell contract, I have indeed been dragged into the 21st century.

I gotta say, I am lovin’ it!


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  1. bellanoctumnSarah
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 05:10:22

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am seriously glad that you got your new furniture!!! And that couch looks so comfy! Your weekend sounds like it was super awesomely productive, and I am really glad to read that ❤ Love ya hon!


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