Celebrate Good Times…

So, I may be a very smart person, but I can be incredibly silly sometimes.

When I started this job, I knew that it was 24/7/365 office, and I knew that set paid holidays off for the entire office did not happen. Note that the higher up, not service related branches DO get these days, as well as the week between Christmas and New Years. While we don’t get the week – we DO get a week or so worth of floating days, to take as we want/can, so we are not left in the cold.

Don’t get me wrong – the company pays for holidays, even for the Service departments, the same ones that most of corporate America pays for. There are 9 paid holidays a year – meaning if you have the day off, you get paid for it. If you work that day, you get double time for it.

The three big ones (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years) have for the most part been on a kind of lottery system. Used to be, they would send out a communique asking for your first, second, and third choices – which would you want off the most. I would always choose “New Years”, because we don’t have family that we can travel to easily for the others, nor do we have children to think about. (Aren’t I the most thoughtful thing EVAR? Plus, I really do love New Years Eve with the hubster.)

Generally, everyone has gotten their choices, and as evidenced in “Random Hates Me…”, we have even been able to get service levels to a point where we can have MORE than normal the number of people off on these bigguns.

However – silly ol’ me always thought that the others, the not so family oriented ones, were basically “If you have the day off on your schedule, SCORE! If not, too bad about the day, but you get double time!”

Now, one of the very few things I miss about “normal” corporate America is the paid holidays. I **LIKED** having a day here or there – scheduled off and paid, even if we didn’t do the normal celebratory things on those days. (along with a schedule that allows me to sleep at night, and see the sun once in a while…)

I learned differently when a marvelous girl who used to be on my team, and defected for another (Love you Amanda!) with the same basic hours, but a 4/10 schedule, announced last fall that she was putting in for Labor day off, to have a day paid, without using vacation.

I was dumbfounded. It had never occurred to me that I could do this. New and exciting possibilities suddenly opened! Of course, I jumped on THAT bandwagon, asked for and got it as well… and it was HEAVEN. Paid holidays off, I have missed your sweet seduction for so long!

SO –

I am officially celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. day – by having it off! I already put in, and have had approved for that time. Hooray me for having a three day weekend, and NOT having to use any vacation or float time!

I really really am looking forward to this as well. No wild shopping trips planned – no people crowd places planned, no icky poo feeling (took the first and second off because of a Bronchitis flair up – NOT my idea of “good” time off.) Just… time off.  To do what I want!

Fair warning to the company: I am going to be putting in for as many of the “lesser” holidays as I can! Next up – President’s day! Really feelin’ the need to rock the celebration of the births of Washington and Lincoln!

I do have several plans. I have begun lists. (Three days – who wouldn’t?!?) However – I have a feeling that the cleaning of the “should be condemned at this point” house will be all on paper, with very little actual work being done. While I am not cool with that so much, I have a feeling that laze, plus a deep and urgent need to get at least ONE of my Old Republic girls a space ship will weigh heavily in on how much of my “work” list gets done.  Add the “reward” (read wine, or beer, or other potent potable) of the reward system of housecleaning, even if it doesn’t happen quite that way, and even more awesomeness!  Might even work a bit more on the hat/scarves that **didn’t** make it to the kids for Christmas.  I know.  I suck.  At least I hadn’t promised them at a particular time to the kids, eh?  Heck.  They don’t even know they are in the works!

No pics today – not gonna show off the condemned (or should be) house. Suffice to say, I will try to beat the guilt feelings of “should be doing something” down with the sweet stick of RPG. I have a feeling that I may be at least semi successful – even if responsibility does rear its ugly head and demand some of my time.

And, if I happen to exceed my own expectations? SCORE!






3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Simons
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 06:07:10

    lol enjoy your time off hon ❤


  2. Dicey!
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 09:55:10

    Paid day off! Woot!! ❤


  3. Vineyard
    Jan 12, 2012 @ 18:10:44

    Mmmmmm 3 day weekends. Mine starts tomorrow 🙂


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