Six years, he still lives! And other news.


Saturday is my 6th anniversary with the hubster.  We intend to celebrate in fine style.  No people filled noisy places, no traffic, no muss.  We decided that we would rather make a nice supper here, and just…  hang out. Together.  What a concept!

Usually, our time in the same room ends up with  him surfing the TV while surfing the internet for sports stories, news articles, and the occasional “free” porn.  I have tried to scare him off of the last.   /sigh One of the reasons that “he still lives” is part of the title.  BTW – man drives me absolutely nuts, and if he didn’t make me laugh often enough, well… lets just say he still lives!

Side note here:  People – anything that says “sex” and “free” in the same sentence, ESPECIALLY on the internet, means you are paying for it somehow!  He has killed one lap top with viruses, web hijackers, trojans, and other nasty things.  Gained through frequent and repeated surfing of these types of sites.

Even with a deep reformat, it would BSOD.  Now – he has the newer lap top.  I have loaded Firefox, with no script and adblock plus, as well as Malwarebytes, Adaware, and a virus scanner onto it.  I have threatened to password protect the admin account on it, and create a new one just for him that goes ONLY to Nickelodeon, and Disney if he doesn’t take care of it. (I could and WOULD so do it too.  And he knows it.)

I have shown him how to update adobe, flash and windows as they come out, and scan every single week. Now, if I could just get him to physically clean it.  That thing is gross.  I don’t like to touch it if I don’t have to.  Blech.

I have my desk system.  Password protected, thankyouverymuch!  (of course I trust him – just not with my computer, which has a high def widescreen monitor… and is what I use to play my games, not to mention write here! )

Anyway – celebrating anniversary!  I have taken Friday and Monday off, to make it a full on mini vacation again.  Of course, not all of it can be at home in blissful denial of a world outside.

For one thing, I absolutely HAVE to get new glasses. (and Hubster needs them).  I have had vision coverage since I was hired full time at my job.  I have budgeted in optometrist and glasses to my flex spending which is also offered where I work.  I have not, however, ever been successful in actually getting an appointment, and using it, before the money on the flex spending card runs out.  Damned doctors keep adding prescriptions and meds, and for the first couple of years – I was at the doctors office at least twice a month getting things like thyroid under control.  Meant that the flex spend money went FAST.  And the glasses I need?  For my whacked out eyesight?  Not so cheap.

The glasses I have now?  5 years old.  One side of the frames is wired and superglued together (thanks to the hubster), but not tight enough to keep the lens from popping out occasionally.  The other side?  Stripped screw that needs to be tightened every day without fail, or….  the frame pops open on that side and…  the lens falls out.

Y’all know how hard it is, when one is legally blind without the damned things, and this happens upon picking up the glasses from your bedside table in the “morning”?  Let me tell you. Whether ya wanna hear it or not.  So there. (look at me being all mature and stuff.  Neener neener neener!)

On the multiple times this has been my fate, while feeling about the floor with sleep numbed hands, on knees that don’t know yet if they are going to work well enough to get me OFF the damned floor, and down the stairs to coffee…  Words have been uttered.  And not “fluffy bunnikins unicorn and rainbow glitters” type words.  Words that could get me actioned in the game I provide support for.  Words that would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap as a youngin’.  Yeah.  THOSE words. In combinations that boggle MY mind (which everyone knows lives in the sewer) on occasion.

SO – off to the optometrist, to see how much worse my eyes have gotten in the last 5 years.  And then, to choose frames, and put in the order.  Glasses I need can’t be done with the one hour vision service.  They have to be sent out to a lab, to make sure they are done correctly.  usually, a week or two later, I can finally go get them.

This should totally wear out my wish to deal with people.  Plus, I shall probably have the whacky drops in my eyes – you know the ones that dilate your pupils, meaning that your eyes might burst into flames if you go out into the sun without shades?  Or at least hurt a whole lot because of the brightness?

So – back home with dilated, sensitive eyes, to a marvelous supper, and then as much together time as we can stand.  May even last a bit – until hubby just “has” to check something on the tube, or internet or…  no matter! ( I swear the man is ADHD.  He has to have twenty bajillion things going.  At all times he is awake.) Until them, yummy supper (thinking nothing too fancy – grilled steaks and shrimp, potatoes, garden salad… and don’t forget the wine!) and then maybe some cards? Or just talking?

Hubster has threatened to get me drunk. I have a marvelous workmate who thinks that the most awesome thing would be to be gotten drunk, and the advantage taken would be him cleaning the house!  Love that Jeena!  She giggles me.  Seriously.  If he did do this  (and I am saying that old scratch would be buying woolens before it did…) I would just have to go around after, and fix it all.  /sigh. The thought however, is awesome!  Sadly, not probably anywhere in or even NEAR  the hubsters mind.

I have 4 whole days (or actually nights.  Durned schedule).  Hubster will be asleep well before I am even thinking about a mid “day” nap.  That means…  I can play SWTOR!  My poor WoW girlies have been so neglected. They will get love again…  just not any time too soon.

I have been getting so much into the stories in the new game.  Each class has its own questing line as an overarching story for that particular class.  Then of course, there are the regular quests that everyone going through the area can do if they choose to.  I have gotten so caught up in each classes story lines – I am taking my time, feeling it out, and just having a blast!  They all have spaceships now, and have moved to the next planet to quest for each of them.  Not a one is level 20 yet (much less max level 50), but I don’t care.  Gaming for me isn’t about racing to max.  It is about the journey there, and stopping to smell (or pick, or crush or otherwise mangle depending upon in game professions) the flowers along the way!

If there is any slack at all, we might each pick something small,  inexpensive, that we want as our “presents”.  While I am very tempted to get the soundtrack to Avenue Q (solely to play “The Internet is for Porn” which is stuck in my head right now… ARG!) In reality, mine would maybe be a book or two for the kindle my dad bought me for my birthday.  I am loving the free classics that I have downloaded.  Time to take it a step further!

Finally cats for thought!  I posted a picture of the Diva miss Callie on my desk a few weeks ago.  Now I present, cats in perspective!  (at least in relation to each other)

The Moose

Spook decided he needed loves, and got between me and my computer.  Just after he jumped down, Miss Callied decided that what was good for the moose, was good for the…  diva!

The Dainty Diva

Note that I am farther away from the edge of the desk in Spooks picture, than I am in Callies.  I had to do that, or he wouldn’t fit.  The tail end of his butt and tail STILL don’t.

With that, thanks for bearing with me and my not so regular schedule lately.  Seriously SERIOUSLY trying to get it back together, and get it regular!  Metamucil for the brain?  IDK.  If it exists however, I shall find it!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vicky
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 09:28:17

    Awwww, the kitties are so adorable. I just want to pick them up and squeeze them. 😉


  2. Kittin
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 16:11:07

    So, now I have “The Internet is for Porn” stuck in my head. Thanks honey! 😛


  3. Vineyard
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 02:27:00

    Is that a pharmacy below your monitor?


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