So I had the most ridiculous thing happen to me this weekend – with longer term repercussions.

I have to say – popcorn is evil.

Yes. I am talking about the dried grain, exploded in oil or air, and coated (or not) in any manner of flavored nommy goodness

THAT popcorn. It tried to kill me this past weekend.

I made some microwave popcorn, and sprinkled some cheese flavored popcorn powder (because I am a gourmet) onto it for a snack while waiting for hubby to get home, so that we could make and have our anniversary supper.

Very first kernel, had a cough, with that little involuntary inhalation that happens prior. Popcorn, being light and airy, forced itself down my throat, and lodged there. Of course, that caused the coughs to come harder – but didn’t dislodge the popcorn. Couldn’t inhale to get a better cough going, couldn’t get the popcorn to move, couldn’t stop coughing out, and needed air. So what happens?

I coughed so hard and didn’t breathe in for so long, that I blacked out for a bit.

Probably not more than a couple of seconds, but it was scary, and disorienting. My head was buzzy, and had the pins and needles feeling that one gets in hands or feet that have gone to sleep. Still coughing, throat and lungs still irritated, eyes streaming, and scared to hell and back again.

Obviously, because I am here, writing this blog, things worked out in the end. At the time? Wasn’t so sure. However, this lead to other stuff.

Turns out – more than pollutants/allergies other things of that nature can bring on a chronic bronchitis flair up. Choking half to death can do it too.

SO – started coughing a bit on Sunday and Monday – but wasn’t too bad – until late Monday night into Tuesday morning.

I ended up sleeping in my comfy chair, because I couldn’t lay down. Laying down started the coughing/drowning feeling.

Got up Tuesday afternoon to get ready for work, running a fever, but still game to go. Hubby put the kibosh on that. Told me that I looked like hell (what a sweet man, right?), and that he was NOT going to take me to work. That I needed to get back in the chair, take some cough syrup/Aleve/inhaler, and stay home. So, I did.

Wednesday morning – still feeling punky and gross. Called Drs office, but there were no appointments available. Was put on a list for possible openings from last minute cancellations. Alas, no call from the Dr..   Still fevered, coughy and gross Wednesday afternoon – phone in to work again.

Thursday morn – still no relief. Instead of trying Dr again – just bit the bullet and went to urgent care. (Actually CVS minute clinic, which works if you don’t need sutures or xrays – and only charges plain old insurance co pay!) There – I was finally seen – given scripts (more pills to add to the pharmacy I have to take/carry around “just in case” Hooray! NOT.) Antibiotics, a nifty little cough suppressant that looks like vitamin E capsules, Mucinex. Told to stay off for one more day to give everything time to work, and a note stating that I could go BACK to work on Friday.

I loathe it when a wonderful, supposed to be fun time ends this way. Not only does it taint the memories of the fun time – it also makes me look like a slacker. Growl.

As for the plans for SWTOR over the weekend? So totally got put on hold for near death and the WoW girlies. Forgot that Lunar Festival was going when I made my gaming plans. Free experience for my lower level babies, PLUS – lack of need to think or react.  Flight path to zone/city, and then click a couple of times on NPC and dialog.  Perfect for the “back is threatening to seize up permanently if you don’t sit more upright for a while!” times, because nothing other than access to the mouse, and occasionally a hot key to mount up is needed.  I so very much did that – and am ¼ of a level away from having my NINTH level 85.

SHUP y’all! I do this instead of TV! Besides, travel between towns and areas meant that I could get lots of reading time in! In fact – I blew through the first six books of The Dresden Files on my Kindle. (My anniversary present.) What fun books those are! One of the many things I love my friend Randy for! (he suggested them) Now into the 7 – 12 books, and still enjoying.

So – already to another weekend. Still punky, but loads better than a couple of days ago. Gonna take the weekend to finish resting up/getting better – and then hold your hats girls and boys – taking February by the horns and wrastling that bad boy to the ground! Gonna shoot for the moon – home, game AND work wise! Just see if I don’t.

Popcorn – you may have laid me low, but you failed in the end! I am back, and I am not only gonna kick ass this month – gonna take names too! (might even find the courage to eat some more popcorn!)


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  1. Vineyard
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 01:00:59

    I hold popcorn in high regard.



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