Lost Weekend

Cid Meyer’s Civilizations games.

How I love them – and hate them!

These games are awesome fun. You choose a “ruler” to play as, and you build a civilization from 4000 BCE to…. whenever the game is won, or lost. The game itself is highly replayable, as the maps are random each time, and you can customize how many AI opponents you wish to have (must have at least 1) and how you wish the world to be set up.

I don’t tend to play a war game – I go for cultural victories. I love building huge empires, with lots of cities, and workers, monuments and wonders. I overwhelm the AI opponents with my culture. (I love “golden ages” and “We love the king!” days too!) I make enough military units to protect my people, and to explore. Exploration is the other other great love I have in these games. I always make a HUGE world, so that I can an explore more!

The problem with this is, you can sit down for a couple of hours, and notice 13 hours later that it is…. well… 13 hours later. /sigh  Add some wine, or a few beers, and…

Last time I went on a Civilization jag, we were living in Massachusetts, and I was doing accounts payable for Peter Pan Bus Lines. (not a glamorous job, but hey! I got to spend literally MILLIONS of dollars a year. No matter that it was for things like fuel and bus wraps .) I had to put a limit on it of just weekends after one too many sessions that ended with me showering, and heading to work after NO sleep.

This happened to me this weekend. I started playing a new game in Civilization V, and kinda lost track of all time. Missed our cross realm fun run raids on World of Warcraft. Barely stopped for supper. Just… exploring, building, creating, and living in my own little world. Literally.

Now, it is 3am Monday morning. I have to begin my workweek tonight, and I got absolutely NOTHING done this weekend. At all. My laundry is mostly clean (one more load to pull out of washer and put in dryer), but it needs folding. My desk looks like a bomb hit it. The floor seems to be growing another cat with all the stray hairballs that are floating around (I don’t know HOW they shed as much as they do, not to mention me…) and the dust is thick enough on my swag shelf to write in. Instead of taking care of that though, I was playing at being Consul Bismarck of the German Empire. (He gets a wicked bonus in Civ V – has a 50% chance of gaining a military unit upon defeating a barbarian camp. Means I don’t have to waste much time building military units!)

Add the lack of cleaning to the fact that we need to move by April 1st (or our rent for the ghetto duplex goes up $125, which is not acceptable), so cleaning, and some preliminary packing would be a good idea, and you see that I really did NOT manage my time well this weekend.

Needless to say, Civ V is not going to be played during the workweek for me. I have way too much that needs to be done, and April 1 is going to be here before we know it.  Couple that with sleeping issues, and there is the potential for some real problems to arise if I do let my self play.  Workdays will be for reading, and whatever I can do in the early morning hours that WON’T wake the hubby, or the neighbors.

For the weekends, I need to figure out how to force myself to do this with reward system housekeeping (alarms, or XX turns – sweep floor, XX turns, pack box) – and have the best of both worlds!

Heaven help me if I get on a Skyrim jag as well…


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  1. Vicky
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 07:59:18

    LOL I saw you logging into that! I love those games! Except me, I always go for war victories. I’m not sure why, but I like blowing up pixels.


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