Panic Attack Incoming…


It is April 2, and I am still in the ghetto.

That’s right. The move? Didn’t happen so much. At least not yet. We haven’t signed a lease, and are paying out the nose to live here this month.

I think that the husband-creature (yup. Stole that Lainey! It was the perfect descriptive, and I have made it mine! I shall hug it, and squeeze, it, and call it “George”.) was procrastinating because he had his heart set on a house in Round Rock that he had heard about from one of the guys he has been doing work for.

More expensive than I would like to pay – and looked kinda dumpy when I saw a pic of the outside, as well as kinda… lacking with the (not so much to scale) floor plan Pete had drawn at my request. The meeting with the owner of this house didn’t happen until last Wednesday however, and by that time, I already knew that we weren’t going to be moving. I mean really. Saturday ended the month. 3 days to pack, haul ass (and everything else) cross town, and then clean? Uh. Huh.

Turns out, Pete has been hitting up each realtor that shows this place, for places to look at/rent. Now, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, he is **supposed** to be looking at several tomorrow. (Today for those of you that have real schedules, where you go to bed when it is dark, wake up in the morning, and live in the sunshine.)

I went through the list that one realtor had sent – 49 properties, most of them right around the price of the place in Round Rock. Turns out rents are NOT cheap anywhere here, and closer to work, even more so. (savings would come from less gas for the beast that Pete drives, in getting me to and from work – that van can suck it down – and it won’t have anything less than premium gas, or it gags. >.< Have I said I hate that van?!?)

That still might be what we do – however, if he still has the house in Round Rock in mind, then I have put in MY preference. The places are roughly the same difference from my workplace as each other – in different directions.

For the same price as the house in Round Rock, I found one in Leander. Bigger, brighter, airier, with both a fireplace AND a garden tub… (HELLO bubbles and bubbles nights! How I have missed you!)

** Side note – when I was going through the separation and divorce with my first husband, I had what I called “Bubbles and bubbles” Friday. Every Friday, I would fill the tub full of hot water with enough bubbles to walk on, set an ice bucket with ice and a bottle of champagne next to it, sometimes add a small piece of very good dark chocolate, and have…. bubbles! And bubbles! I would spend a couple hours in the tub, reading, nibbling the chocolate (if I had it), and drinking AAAALLLL the champagne. Big toe to turn on the hot water again when it started to cool….. End the night with a fire, and more reading…. very effective way to unwind!

ANYWAY – IF he really does want the house in Round Rock as first choice, I am going to lobby for the one in Leander instead. Same monies, MUCH MUCH (have I said much?) nicer. If I have to pay through the nose, I want it to be worth it, damnit!

So- he is looking tomorrow while I sleep. We shall see what comes out of it, and if I really will have a new place to call “home” for a while within the next couple of weeks!

On another note – work has a blackout for all of May, which means I can’t rock the celebration of Memorial Day! /sad. If I had put in a couple months early and been approved, it would probably have been O.K. Now however? Not so much. During time off black outs, unscheduled absences have to be for extreme reasons – death, dismemberment, coma… SO –

I decided that I would just go ahead and do my rememberin’ a month early! Takin’ off the Friday/Monday that bracket the last weekend of April! Long weekend before crunch time!

Here’s hopin’ that I can spend at least one “night” of that weekend, in a nice tub (one that fits someone larger than a 2 year old, and deep enough that the water at LEAST covers the legs) with a bottle of champagne, and a piece of good, dark chocolate, a fantastic book, followed by a fire! I don’t care if it is 120 degrees outside. I MISS a fireplace. If I have one, at least one fire will be burned – even if I have to turn down the AC to 65 degrees to ensure we don’t suffocate!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kittin
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 04:32:21

    Husband-creature is just so, so fitting, I’m glad you liked it 😛

    (Even Sean had a giggle when I read it out to him lol)


  2. Vineyard
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 20:04:16

    If I can put my internet browsing skills to use for you let me know 😉


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