Little Bits of This and That

Just because.

If I am going to make it a point to get into a schedule, I need to actually do so. Am I right? Of course I am.

I have been a bit heartbroken however. The canvas print I put on this page a couple posts back? The Wicked based painting by James Hance? Yeah. That one. The prints turn out to be much too expensive.  I simply can’t justify the expense. So, no wonderful green Elphie on my walls.

There **is** art on my walls now though – a start at making my restful, lovely hermit cave!

I promised pics waaaaaaaay back in March of the Karazhan posters framed and hung, if I managed to get it done.

Finally, I deliver!


Husband was skeptical at first. He thought that anything game related was going to go in the office. It is true that the vast majority of my swag, and my game collectable stuff will be in the office. (If it ever comes out of storage. We have been here since the end of MARCH for goodness sake, and Pete is still promising me that each month is the very LAST for carrying over the storage. I **still** don’t have my bed here! Been sleeping in my chair for FOUR MONTHS! RAWR!)

These posters though, are truly something that can be on the living room wall. He should know by now that while I am a geek, I also have impeccable taste in most things, and a fairly decent eye for what looks good. My house will NOT be completely video game oriented. That is mostly for the offce.

That’s the husband critters buzzhead in the pic. Thank goodness he isn’t a comb over type! His hair is… diminishing. Instead of growing it out, he decided to go all super military on it. He has clippers, and buzzes it all off every few weeks. I then get to play clean up on the alfalfa ‘do he leaves behind. He **always** misses that one piece in the middle back – and it sticks up exactly like alfalfa’s did in “The Little Rascals”. (And I hope like hell y’all know what I mean there.)

We do have the table and chairs here as well – and a two canvas painting that the husband critters sister painted.  When Pete went down to see her/help with clear out some stuff she didn’t need, he fell in love with it. Because he liked it so much, she gave it to him. It was the first thing I hung on the wall.

When I put it up, I decided to troll him, and hang it backwards. Because I am not very good at trolling, he missed the point, and LOVES them this way:


Beyond house settin’ up stuff, I have been gaming a bit. Well, a LOT, actually.

All of the sudden, I have way too many games again, and not near enough time. I’ve been testing the Beta for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. (Square Enix agreed with the rest of the world that the first iteration of this game was NOT good, so they completely redid it.) I have been having a blast! I am enjoying this game immensely, and am waiting for phase 4 to start – the open, release candidate beta. Should be happening in a couple of weeks or so, since the launch date has been set firmly for August 27th, with early access for Collector Edition purchasers beginning the week prior, and that for those who stuck with the 1.0 version of the game two weeks before.

Civilization V came out with it’s latest expansion on the 9th of this month. A Brave New World is awesome! It added so much to the game that is already one of the best for turn based strategy (in my own opinion, of course) and made it even better! I have started a game as the Shoshone, and have been having a grand time figuring out the new stuff.
Neverwinter has been fun. Totally free to play – not even a box purchase required. It is of course run on microtransactions, but you don’t have to purchase anything if you really don’t want to. Most of what is sold is quality of life stuff. Unlike some other FTP games out there, it doesn’t hold back aspects of the game. You can play all parts of the game, with all abilities without having to pay a dime. You can purchase extras (like more character slots, bigger/more bags for carrying stuff and bank slots for storing stuff. Faster mounts… that kind of thing.)

Skyrim – still futzing around in that huge and marvelous world – and waiting eagerly for Elder Scrolls Online to come out next year! I signed up for that beta. Don’t know if I will have any chance at it, but one can hope!

Signed up for the beta for a new game coming out as well – Wildstar. This one is Sci Fi – and looks intriguing. We shall see if it lives up to the slowly growing hype it has been getting.

Still playing World of Warcraft of course.  Have my sixth maxed level character now, working on the next to get there.  WoW has been taking a bit of a back seat.  As I said in a post some time ago – it was the -only- game I played for years.  Now, it does get put on hold for a while when I want to try something different. I know it will always be there, well loved and comforting.

I have The Secret World, and can even run it… kinda. It is not what I would call a fun experience however. I need a better graphics card if I am going to enjoy this one – which also just went free to play (though it requires a box purchase) Steam had it for a steal during their summer sale though, so…


Besides games, I have been going through a creative phase. I pulled out my colored art stix (kinda like pencils, without the wood – the whole thing is a square colored pencil lead essentially) and my regular pencils/charcoal. Not going to show that though, at least not yet. I am super duper rusty – and want to see if I even have the stuff anymore!

Crochet though… I learned a few new methods, and had a grand time doing so!

First, is Broomstick Lace. This is pretty much what it sounds like. You use a broomstick (or appropriately sized tool – in my case, a piece of PVC pipe, as I could get my husband to give me some left over from redoing some piping on a job) to stretch rows of loops around:


and then gather the big loops that are made as you crochet the next base row:



Comes out GORGEOUS!


And the yarn I am using here is amazing. Literally. The brand is not one of the yarn porn brands, but not a bad one – Lion Brand. The line is called “Amazing”, and the colorway for this one is called “Glacier Bay”. I have fallen in LOVE with this yarn. I adore the huge variety of colors it has throughout, and the varying intensities of those colors.

Here, I am using it again in some Granny Squares. These are about 8″ blocks, that I am considering using as base blocks to patchwork with other smaller blocks in solid colors to make a quilt patterned afghan.


I am absolutely going to have to buy more of this yarn though! It is super soft wool with a bit of acrylic, making it very stable. It holds shape well, and won’t shrink as much as 100% wool would.

I also whomped together a homemade (and very temporary – this thing won’t hold up for any amount of **real** work on it) hairpin lace loom, to see if I would like that technique.  It is an interesting one, and very versatile.  I didn’t however, remember to get any pics. I will be buying a loom soonish though (only about $5, the problem is getting my hands on my car to actually go GET the damned thing.)  When I do, I will show you what this is and does! Super cool.



I have been trying some new things, either found on the interwebs, or shared by friends. One of the wins was homemade, baked not fried taquitos.



And after baking:


These were rather awesome. I made them the first time with flour torillas because that is what I had a metric ton of. Next time I make them – we will try with corn torillas!

Last, but not least, some cloud porn for your enjoyment! The clouds on this day were very different.  I had never seen them like this before.  The lines you can kinda see in the pics were very clearly delineated, making the entire sky look…  sculptured.



Husband got totally exasperated with me when I called him out onto the balcony to look at the clouds – until he got there and saw them. Then of course, he was pointing out different places I should point the camera. I think I photographed the whole of the sky (that we can see from the balcony) that day. The strange, almost sculpted look of the clouds didn’t show  well in the pictures – but I picked the best two. These pictures unfortunately don’t do this very strange and beautiful sky the justice it deserves.

As I began.  A little about a lot about pretty much nothing, but it is a post, and I have written!

DAMN!  I’m on a roll!


Where the Wild Bloggers Are!

And that would be right here!

Here, as in HOME.

YES! I have a home now! Have had, for about a month.

I haven’t written in ages. I got tired of whining, and moaning, and complaining. Seemed to be pretty much all that was happening on my blog, and in my life.
I had to live with it, as did the hubs thing. I didn’t however, have to make y’all deal with it, so I kinda… stopped for a bit.

Last we heard of our intrepid blogger heroine, she was still traversing the terrors of the tenth circle of Dante’s hell, (you know – the one even HE found too horrific to write about?) and well, whining. And moping. And bitching. ‘Cause hell, ya know? Hot, and dark, and cramped? Well, the husband creature thing had promised that by my birthday – HOME!

Yeah. That didn’t happen.

Then, he promised ABSOLUTELY before Christmas/New Year! Uh. Huh.

Then before January ended. And February. /sigh.

By this time, I had decided. If I made it to April 30th. (A full mother frickin’ YEAR mind you.) I was gonna celebrate thusly:

Cheap, plastic woven lawn chair from that world class outfitter – Walmart.

Several 40s of PBR (only the best!) from the nearest 7 – 11.

Stained boxers, and a wife beater.

ME – ensconced in the chair, with a cooler holding the extra PBRs, in the wifebeater/boxers, camped out on the chair, in front of the window to the room, on the “verandah.”

At that point, if you can’t beat ’em, might as well join ’em, am I right? I mean, if you are going to do something, you should do it the very BEST you can. Right?


I was saved from this horrible fate. I found and brought to Pete’s attention to a NEW and SHINY locator. And?

She worked miracles.

Austin is getting more and more expensive to live in as people flock here for jobs.

The houses that we might possibly be able to afford last year? Twice that now. HOWEVER –

Susan was able to do it! – even with my slowing rising again credit, and Pete’s history.

We got a lovely apartment! Yes, it -is- on the third floor, which means my back is cranky if I have to carry anything up, but it has high, crown molded ceilings! Light, bright, airy – with a tub fit for a queen! ❤

The queen of tubs

THE TUB!!!!!

Great room

The great room – seen from the dining room end.


The corner of the bedroom – because there isn’t much interesting about a bedroom without anything in it, is there?


The kitchen – where my everything lived until my comfy stuff and computer desk made it here! (there is a little “desk” type part of the counter built in at the back there)


The office! My ‘puter is NOT in the living room! It has its OWN room! **squeeeeee**!

We have been here a month now. The comfy chairs/loveseat are here, as is my computer desk. The bed? Not yet. Washer and dryer? LOL. no. In fact, besides the clothes we had in the room, stuff mentioned above, and my kitchen table/chairs – it is ALL still in storage. We have been here for 5 weeks now.

Most recently I scored a couple of movie poster frames at Walmart. Two of the three Karazhan posters now have frames. One more, and I will have the set on my wall! When I do – more pics!

Also, there is a painting that I am waiting with bated breath for the print to be released. An artist named James Vance has a painting based on ‘The Return Of Spring’ by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. “The Adoration of Elphie”. Finished Elphie

This painting for me, speaks so very clearly to the character Elphaba in Wicked. I read this book when it came out – well before the Broadway play was made of it. I adore the book, and this character. When I saw this painting, I knew I had to have it. And barring any kind of catastrophe, I shall! Just as soon as he gets the canvas prints done. >.< Y'all should click the link to Mr. Hances page, and check him out! He is truly fascinating to read on Facebook as well. Watching him start with a red or blue wash, and then having magic emerge from it – an absolute marvel to behold!

I really REALLY don’t want to pay another month on the storage shed – especially since we are already paying extra so that Pete has a garage for storage here. That would be due on Friday though – so no matter how emphatic the husband being is when he insists that it will be here before then, and we won’t have to re up for another month…

Let’s just say I am not going to hold my breath.

Is this the beginning of new life/new regular schedule?

Not gonna promise anything, but I am sure gonna try! (still on the IDP, damnit!)

So Many Games, So Little Time!


All of a sudden, I have been inundated with games to play. And not near enough time to play them all, as well as try to get as ready as I can to move, and work, and sleep…

I am still moseying my way through Skyrim.

I am still trying out different leaders to be in Civ V.

I still have the girlies in SWTOR that I am leveling.

I still have my girlies in WoW, (though admittedly, only my semi geared ‘lock is getting love right now – too tired during workweek, and too BUSY during weekend to do more than the guild “fun run” on Sunday nights…)

Now, finally, after an eternity of waiting, Blizzard has announced a release date for Diablo III. /SWOON!

I have been waiting for this day for YEARS. At least a DECADE.

O. M. G.

Back to the world of Sanctuary. Where fallen angels meet, and are defeated by heroes.

A true dungeon hack ‘n slash.

I have played on the Beta. Taken each and every one of the five classes through to the Skeleton King. (end of content released for beta.)

Multiple times.

And each time, I get more and more excited. I so very much want to see the rest of this beautiful, engaging, and FUN game! Not to mention – Collector’s Edition which will give me more toys for my WoW girls. Hooray!

My gaming started with pen and paper Dungeons ‘N Dragons. The original version. (Yeah. I have been around the block. I think of it as “seasoning”)

I was around when Atari released the first console for gaming. Remember well being SO JEALOUS of my friend Tami, who had it. We would play Pong while sneaking out to the living room to try to catch a few minutes of the burlesque show her mom was watching on that other new-fangled thing – Cable TV before being chased away.

My families first computer was the TI99 4-A – and I remember the night we got it.

My mom and I sat up ALL night, playing Space Invaders in the little “tag along” trailer that we were living in while we build our house in the foot hills of the Colorado Rockies. (I was a teenager at this time, in high school).

The look my Dad gave us, when he got up, and realized that we had been up ALL night…. would have taken paint off of the side of a building. Without thinner. He was so disgusted! (Love you, Dad!)

Mom was the one who bought me the original Nintendo for a Christmas present.

By that time, mom and dad were no longer married, but I was. The console was supposed to be for me and my husband – but I got WAY more use out of it than he did. >.>

HE didn’t get interested in video games until the PS came out. Then? Tomb Raider. Maybe he liked Lara Croft, but somehow I don’t think so. It just finally “clicked” for him. We started having “TR” nights – no TV, but he would run the controls and I would tell him where to go/look. It was fun, and the very beginning, I think, of my loss of interest in TV as a medium for entertainment. (Other than hooking the console up, of course!)

Now, I don’t console game so much. I had to leave all of my consoles (and I had several – including the Dreamcast) when I moved from Denver to MA. For a couple of years, I didn’t even have a computer. When I did get one, it was not a good one, and pretty much only the flash games, and puzzle games like those offered by PopCap would work on it.

I had dated a guy while in MA who was really into a new MMO – World of Warcraft. He would often ask me to log into his second account, and heal his warrior while he explored dungeons there. This was January/February of 2005- so just past launch.

I however? Didn’t have a system capable of that game until much MUCH later. I wasn’t dating him anymore – and had almost forgotten the game. My friend Brenda (Love you Brenda! ❤ ) suggested that I come play with her in a new game. We could make characters, explore the world, and talk in game, though we were a couple of thousand miles apart!

Of course, that reignited my love affair with computer gaming. Not only did I have a world that I could escape into when stress and pressure got to be too much – it was persistent! My girls could do what they wanted in the game, and they would remain… no save points, and unlike pen and paper DnD, if they died, I could always “resurrect” them. For a gold cost on armor durability, they would come back, just as they were before they died! HELLZ YA! DO OVERS! Without having to go all the way back to the save point!

I was faithful. For years, the ONLY game I played was WoW. My girls never had to wonder if I was out for the night with some other toon, in some other world…. never had to sit, fully rested and waiting for me to come to them. They KNEW that I would be there. As much as possible.

However. After several years, the wandering eye happens. I am not bored, really – just want to branch out. See my options. My girls, across three accounts, (five, if you count the newly resurrected, boosted to level 80 instantly toons on the Scroll of Resurrectioned accounts that were created to give mounts to my top two… ) always knew that I would be there. Day in, day out. And for the most part, I am.


The call of the Civ V is strong. Cid Meyer had my heart before WoW did, and he still manages to captivate me, making me lose time in building a civilization.

My spacefaring girlies in The Old Republic are new, and young, and unsure of their place in the world. They need me to nurture them, so that they can grow strong in the force, and PWN Republic/Sith face (depending on faction.)

My girlies in Skyrim are young… needing guidance, and a strong hand to lead them through the civil war torn area of Skyrim.

And now – I must look to Amalur! The Reckoning is happening, and I have heard that it is awesome!

Add to this that this is the game that CURT SCHILLING – of the BOSTON RED SOX – Long time favorite pitcher, who pitched in an unforgettable game with the BLOODY SOCK – where he had torn his stitches from a recent surgery on his foot but still POWERED THROUGH…


MUST MUST MUST have this game. I need to show my support for this up and coming company (38 Studios, and Big Huge Games). I know some people from my own company who have gone to Rhode Island to work for this company. I have heard amazing things about this game.

I just got a (very small) bonus. Looking to add a bit to my “nest” in the way of some throw pillows for the comfy, non butt eating furniture, poster frames for the Karazhan Movie Posters and DIII/Skyrim maps, and FINALLY ecigs instead of the real, lung choking ones.

All in all, looking forward to the next few months, though they are a bit scary too.

STILL haven’t found a place to move to, and it is already the middle of the month. TWO WEEKS! Need to remind hubby of that. Ugh.

Still KoA: The Reckoning. /drool.  I forsee a lot of time in a new world, with new girls.

And in two months DIABLO!  **SQUEEE**

Six years, he still lives! And other news.


Saturday is my 6th anniversary with the hubster.  We intend to celebrate in fine style.  No people filled noisy places, no traffic, no muss.  We decided that we would rather make a nice supper here, and just…  hang out. Together.  What a concept!

Usually, our time in the same room ends up with  him surfing the TV while surfing the internet for sports stories, news articles, and the occasional “free” porn.  I have tried to scare him off of the last.   /sigh One of the reasons that “he still lives” is part of the title.  BTW – man drives me absolutely nuts, and if he didn’t make me laugh often enough, well… lets just say he still lives!

Side note here:  People – anything that says “sex” and “free” in the same sentence, ESPECIALLY on the internet, means you are paying for it somehow!  He has killed one lap top with viruses, web hijackers, trojans, and other nasty things.  Gained through frequent and repeated surfing of these types of sites.

Even with a deep reformat, it would BSOD.  Now – he has the newer lap top.  I have loaded Firefox, with no script and adblock plus, as well as Malwarebytes, Adaware, and a virus scanner onto it.  I have threatened to password protect the admin account on it, and create a new one just for him that goes ONLY to Nickelodeon, and Disney if he doesn’t take care of it. (I could and WOULD so do it too.  And he knows it.)

I have shown him how to update adobe, flash and windows as they come out, and scan every single week. Now, if I could just get him to physically clean it.  That thing is gross.  I don’t like to touch it if I don’t have to.  Blech.

I have my desk system.  Password protected, thankyouverymuch!  (of course I trust him – just not with my computer, which has a high def widescreen monitor… and is what I use to play my games, not to mention write here! )

Anyway – celebrating anniversary!  I have taken Friday and Monday off, to make it a full on mini vacation again.  Of course, not all of it can be at home in blissful denial of a world outside.

For one thing, I absolutely HAVE to get new glasses. (and Hubster needs them).  I have had vision coverage since I was hired full time at my job.  I have budgeted in optometrist and glasses to my flex spending which is also offered where I work.  I have not, however, ever been successful in actually getting an appointment, and using it, before the money on the flex spending card runs out.  Damned doctors keep adding prescriptions and meds, and for the first couple of years – I was at the doctors office at least twice a month getting things like thyroid under control.  Meant that the flex spend money went FAST.  And the glasses I need?  For my whacked out eyesight?  Not so cheap.

The glasses I have now?  5 years old.  One side of the frames is wired and superglued together (thanks to the hubster), but not tight enough to keep the lens from popping out occasionally.  The other side?  Stripped screw that needs to be tightened every day without fail, or….  the frame pops open on that side and…  the lens falls out.

Y’all know how hard it is, when one is legally blind without the damned things, and this happens upon picking up the glasses from your bedside table in the “morning”?  Let me tell you. Whether ya wanna hear it or not.  So there. (look at me being all mature and stuff.  Neener neener neener!)

On the multiple times this has been my fate, while feeling about the floor with sleep numbed hands, on knees that don’t know yet if they are going to work well enough to get me OFF the damned floor, and down the stairs to coffee…  Words have been uttered.  And not “fluffy bunnikins unicorn and rainbow glitters” type words.  Words that could get me actioned in the game I provide support for.  Words that would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap as a youngin’.  Yeah.  THOSE words. In combinations that boggle MY mind (which everyone knows lives in the sewer) on occasion.

SO – off to the optometrist, to see how much worse my eyes have gotten in the last 5 years.  And then, to choose frames, and put in the order.  Glasses I need can’t be done with the one hour vision service.  They have to be sent out to a lab, to make sure they are done correctly.  usually, a week or two later, I can finally go get them.

This should totally wear out my wish to deal with people.  Plus, I shall probably have the whacky drops in my eyes – you know the ones that dilate your pupils, meaning that your eyes might burst into flames if you go out into the sun without shades?  Or at least hurt a whole lot because of the brightness?

So – back home with dilated, sensitive eyes, to a marvelous supper, and then as much together time as we can stand.  May even last a bit – until hubby just “has” to check something on the tube, or internet or…  no matter! ( I swear the man is ADHD.  He has to have twenty bajillion things going.  At all times he is awake.) Until them, yummy supper (thinking nothing too fancy – grilled steaks and shrimp, potatoes, garden salad… and don’t forget the wine!) and then maybe some cards? Or just talking?

Hubster has threatened to get me drunk. I have a marvelous workmate who thinks that the most awesome thing would be to be gotten drunk, and the advantage taken would be him cleaning the house!  Love that Jeena!  She giggles me.  Seriously.  If he did do this  (and I am saying that old scratch would be buying woolens before it did…) I would just have to go around after, and fix it all.  /sigh. The thought however, is awesome!  Sadly, not probably anywhere in or even NEAR  the hubsters mind.

I have 4 whole days (or actually nights.  Durned schedule).  Hubster will be asleep well before I am even thinking about a mid “day” nap.  That means…  I can play SWTOR!  My poor WoW girlies have been so neglected. They will get love again…  just not any time too soon.

I have been getting so much into the stories in the new game.  Each class has its own questing line as an overarching story for that particular class.  Then of course, there are the regular quests that everyone going through the area can do if they choose to.  I have gotten so caught up in each classes story lines – I am taking my time, feeling it out, and just having a blast!  They all have spaceships now, and have moved to the next planet to quest for each of them.  Not a one is level 20 yet (much less max level 50), but I don’t care.  Gaming for me isn’t about racing to max.  It is about the journey there, and stopping to smell (or pick, or crush or otherwise mangle depending upon in game professions) the flowers along the way!

If there is any slack at all, we might each pick something small,  inexpensive, that we want as our “presents”.  While I am very tempted to get the soundtrack to Avenue Q (solely to play “The Internet is for Porn” which is stuck in my head right now… ARG!) In reality, mine would maybe be a book or two for the kindle my dad bought me for my birthday.  I am loving the free classics that I have downloaded.  Time to take it a step further!

Finally cats for thought!  I posted a picture of the Diva miss Callie on my desk a few weeks ago.  Now I present, cats in perspective!  (at least in relation to each other)

The Moose

Spook decided he needed loves, and got between me and my computer.  Just after he jumped down, Miss Callied decided that what was good for the moose, was good for the…  diva!

The Dainty Diva

Note that I am farther away from the edge of the desk in Spooks picture, than I am in Callies.  I had to do that, or he wouldn’t fit.  The tail end of his butt and tail STILL don’t.

With that, thanks for bearing with me and my not so regular schedule lately.  Seriously SERIOUSLY trying to get it back together, and get it regular!  Metamucil for the brain?  IDK.  If it exists however, I shall find it!

New Year! Just a few (five) days late!

Finally, I have reclaimed my house from the tree that ate Austin! It is back in its box, and back in the junk room.

Shut up, y’all. I do have a junk ROOM – not just a drawer. Between stuff my husband drags home from jobs, (we might USE it someday!) various tools and carpentry stuff, craft materials, books that don’t have shelves, and other stuff that can’t be gotten rid of… (damned government, requiring SEVEN years of back paperwork!) a drawer just does NOT suffice, and we don’t have a garage or a storage shed for this stuff.

Don’t get me wrong – we have a drawer too, where ostensibly, Pete is supposed to keep things like screwdriver tips, the odd nuts and other little stuff that comes home in pockets, as well as hand held tools.  Of course, they don’t go there initially.  I can’t tell you how many times I have stepped on a screw gun tip with my bare feet.  Good times!  NOT.

ANYway.  Back on track.

The tree did come down, although it was a couple days later than I would have liked. I had the terrible timing and bad taste to come down sick with bronchitis, mixed with a nasty digestive tract thing (that we won’t be discussing at all – yuck!) on New Years Day – and it lasted into Monday, and Tuesday. Ugh.

So – wee hours of Wednesday morning, when I was feeling only half zombified, I was able to get it down, and OUT of my living room.

Another side note here. When getting ready to slide furniture to its non holiday placement, I found a can of primer paint, hidden in the shadows between the chair and loveseat, in front of the table. /sigh.

I wonder if it went there because my husband just HAD to, because I had stated in no uncertain terms that that kind of stuff would NOT be allowed in the living room with the new stuffs. Attempt at alpha male “I am dominant – I can do what I want?” behavior? The world will never know. Rather than launching it at the van however, I just placed it in his seat at the dining table. Or what would be a dining table, if it weren’t covered in various papers, laptop, plates, cans, and other detritus left by that too common species, Maleous Sloppicus.

SO – lovely comfortable and yummy furniture is now set as it should be, and without the tree that ate Austin, the room actually feels… not roomy, but roomier! The ottoman and chair are huger than they seemed in the store, but I don’t mind!  Heck – we can both use it if we are both in the living room at the same time.  One of the pluses of cozy living space!

Next step to be taken will be to frame the Karazhan Theatre posters I got from the Blizzcon store, and hang them. (I know, I am a nerd, but they really are rather gorgeous) That should bring at least this room, up to par!

Living room as it is now:


Complete with the picture Pete’s mom painted and gave us (needs a frame, and a different wall) and a Spook, who has decided that we bought the chair JUST for him, and now pretty much lives in it.  Once I have another geek shelf, (mah swag shelf for work is full up!) the Star Wars statue, and the LOTR pez dispenser limited collection set that I scored as an “open me!” present at Christmas will have new homes as well. (What can I say?  I am a geek.  Proud of it, too!)

Fun fact – the table in the corner?  It is actually a very clever design, and was picked up in Germany by my Sister in Law when she lived there, while she worked for the FBI.  The top can flip up, and it becomes a rather throne like chair.  Another fun fact?  That table top is a big as a decent sized two/three person dining table.  Much larger than a standard sized bistro table.  Kinda says something about the scale of the furniture, yes?

And, just for fun, Callie wants attention when SHE wants attention. Here is a shot of her, demanding attention while I am reading at the computer:

Diva needs attention!

Note the placement of the cat – right between me, and where my keyboard would be if I were actually USING it.  And, she has done this while I have been using it…  say in the middle of a raid?  She will even, on occasion, roll around, deliberately striking keys, to see what will happen.  usually, this is to run my character into the nearest mobs, pulling them all.  It has to be deliberate, because it happens quite often.  In my case, the excuse that “the cat did it!” may just work…  hmmmmm.

Sorry for the very short, not very fun post. Still feeling punky, and not all that creative.

Stuff and Bother.

Just little pieces of stuff and blather, to share with everyone this chilly Thursday morning.

We have hit winter here in Central Texas, which means quite a bit of rain.  We badly need this moisture.  It was super dry this summer, and half the counties in Central Texas had huge fires.

I love rain, when I don’t have to drive in it.  People in TX freak out with rain.  This isn’t helped by the fact that tire upkeep is rather slack, and a good portion of the cars on the road are running on tires that are showing cording, completely bald, or otherwise have NO TRACTION WHATSOEVER!

This compounds the problem of “I want to get off to the right in 1/4 mile!  Just gonna squeeze over there RIGHT NOW!  The people in the lane I want to be in will slow  down…”  Ummmmm  They can’t if they don’t have tread, and the roads are wet.  Makes for a fun (NOT) commute.

This has been the longest week EVER.  Because it is a bit rainy, they have turned the heat up to greenhouse levels at work, and I find myself in a heat coma about 3 hours in.  Not kidding.  I have a little fan on my desk, that blows directly in my face, but with the ambient temperature keeping me at a temperature that a lizard would love, I find myself all sluggish and stupid.

For goodness sake people!  If you are cold, put on a damned sweater!  I can only take so much OFF before they call the cops, and an email goes out telling people that while the company is appreciative of my contributions, I am no longer an employee, and must be treated as a guest should I show up.

The tree that ate the living room appeared to be pretty safe from the great four legged hunters, until tonight.

Tonight, Spook has been feeling….  rambunctious.  He has made it his personal mission to deconstruct the tree.  Threatening to take his legs off and beat him with them have fallen on unbelieving pointy ears.  When we try to restrain him physically, to remove him from the temptation, he slithers (don’t know how 25 lbs of fat cat can slither, but I witnessed it first hand, and can attest that he CAN) up under the tree where we can’t reach him, to continue to deconstruction from within.

Callie got curious with all of the hollering and threats, and decided to check out the action.  She is just asking for it.  If we piss him off enough, he will decide to play with his favorite squeak toy – her.  She can usually hold her own, and is much faster, but if he catches her, she doesn’t stand a chance.

Was going to play SWTOR when I got home tonight. I started last night, but was having horrible, choppy FPS issues.  Seriously.  Running at less than 5 frames a second, on a machine that is well over the recommended specs.  Don’t know how I managed to NOT die in the first area.  For that matter, don’t know how I managed to NOT throw the monitor across the room in frustration.  After getting the new Sith Inquisitor girlie through that first little area and into the training facility (without dying thank you very much!  Quite a feat considering the choppiness was so bad that I was over correcting, and fighting with my back to the mobs most of the time) I went online to search out what may be happening. I already knew it wasn’t an overfull server, because I had chosen my realm based on lowest population, and only saw 3 other players while in game.

Turns out that the fix was rather counter intuitive.  I had already done the basics. (update drivers, make sure the game can get through firewalls, graphics had defaulted to lowest, so couldn’t lower those…  etc) ONE message board had the following –

Turn graphics all the way UP, and try.  I did that, and the choppiness went down a bit.  Lowered to medium, and it was perfectly fine.  Who’da thunk it?


I was going to play tonight, but they are down for maintenance.  Until 6am my time.  So – reading, knitting, and of course writing here have won my evening!  With lots of wine.  Lots.

Finally, if you thought I was kidding about the butt eating couch or the candy van, think again:

Butt Eating couch, with accessories

Before calling large item pickup, husband decided to put it on the curb to see if it would be scavenged.  The ugly TV tray and the horrendous lamp (yet another freebie) as well.  The lamp and the tray were snagged by someone, but the couch, not so much.

The candy van in the background adds just the right touch of creepy non class, doesn’t it?

Dragged Kicking and Screaming (with joy) into the 21st Century!

It has been one heck of a weekend!

Friday night, as mentioned before, was my company Holiday party, and it was a lot of fun!  There was food to be eaten, drinks to be drunk, friends to exclaim over, and people to watch! People watching at company functions like this is always fun.  It is interesting to see how very eclectic people are, and the various definitions of “Formal Dress”.  There was everything from the normal jeans (with a button up shirt as a nod to “formal”, to a sari, to a Tim Burtonesque tuxedo jacket, complete with brocade, and with the wind outside, flying tails.

Saturday was the up early/out the door day.  Impressed and awed the hubster with my mad shoppin’ skills.  He hasn’t seen me really in anything but the Walmart, and groceries.  I had researched, and in the very first store, almost as soon as we walked in, I found my living room.  Sat on the chair and loveseat, called over the sales guy, got the couch/loveseat combo deal on the loveseat, chair, and ottoman, paid, and we were loading the loveseat into the van within 1/2 hour or so.  Have to wait on the chair and ottoman – they weren’t in stock.  Soon my precioussssss.  Soon!

From there, to the madhouse that is Walmart on the weekend before Christmas.  And it was indeed a madhouse. Rude, loud, aisle blocking people.  Shoving, poking, people.  Mothers yelling at screaming babies.  And electronics?  Ugh.  I did however, find a nifty little Nikon digital camera, to do what I want it to do, for a better price than I was expecting! Of course, Electronics was at the furthest point possible in the store from the door nearest our ride, so a reverse trip through the crowds had to be made.

Did I mention that I really wish I never had to leave the cave?


Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Pete was wonderful.  All the standing at the party, and then the press of wandering miles of people strewn Walmart had left my already prone to spasmy back spasmed.  He wouldn’t let me help him remove the butt eating couch, nor would he let me sweep and mop the floor, or help bring IN the loveseat.  It is a good thing I married a moose.  He muscled all of that about himself.  RAWR!

He tried to play big man and tell me to wait until Sunday (he sleeps a semi normal schedule, and was going to bed soon) to put up and decorate the tree, but I wore him down.  I promised that I would fluff branches while sitting, only getting up to actually place said branch.  It took me seven hours, but I got it done! Up, lighted (he was in bed by then, so couldn’t say anything about me climbing onto a dining room chair to light the top of the tree) and decorated!

Sunday was all about NOT being in crowds.  I bounced happily back and forth, from the lovely comfort of the loveseat, to my desk, where I have been living almost exclusively these past 3 years.

As promised, pictures!  Looks like I am going to need to learn how to clean up, brighten, and unfuzz me some pictures!  They look fine on the camera, but not so much full sized here.  A challenge!  Still, a promise is a promise, and hey, at least they don’t have thumbs in them!

I wasn’t joking about the tree and the size of the living room.  You see pretty much ALL of the living room here.  There is only about 3 feet or so more off to the right of this shot, and I am standing on the stairs.


The tree that ate my livingroom!

Spook decided that he liked the new sittings, and proceeded to claim it for the night.

Spook so comfortable!

Course, he doesn’t know it yet, but while he might think he is the alpha kitty of the house, if I want to sit, I will.  I am the alpha MAMA!

Callie wasn’t showing much interest yet.  Probably doesn’t quite smell like “home” to her, combined with the fact that the monstrous one was hogging it.  She chose the more familiar blankets that are currently living on a trunk beside the loveseat.  (The ottoman that is coming has storage, and the blankets will go in that.)

The Diva


With the Kindle that my dad sent for my birthday, the digital camera that I got for Christmas, and the upgrade to a smartphone that came with signing my new cell contract, I have indeed been dragged into the 21st century.

I gotta say, I am lovin’ it!

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